2017 Great Texas Warrant Round Up
Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Town of the Laguna Vista will be participating in the 2017 Great Texas Warrant Round Up. This is a statewide effort of local enforcement agencies and courts to resolve/clear outstanding Class C misdemeanor warrants, of which, many are traffic-related citations where the defendants failed to appear or failed to comply with the order of the Court.

Below are the timelines:

A. Notification (collection calls/mailed notices by Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson): February 10 February 25

B. Round Up (initiate arrest/personal contact): February 25 March 5

The total amount owed to Laguna Vista in delinquent accounts is$1,406,245, and the total number of warrants is 4,319

If you have any unpaid tickets, received a Class C warrant for traffic or for a code violation but you haven't done anything about it, please make arrangements to take care of your outstanding warrants. Drop by the Town of Laguna Vista at 122 Fernandez or call 956/943-1793.