June 21 Town of Laguna Vista E-Newsletter
Friday, June 21, 2019

LV Residents and Friends,

The Town wishes to update you on its upcoming community events and on areas that may be of interest to you.

Please make plans to join us at our Independence Day Parade and Celebration scheduled for Saturday, July 6. Please read below for more details.

On behalf of the Town Council and the Staff, we truly appreciate your interest in YOUR community.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I can be contacted at 943-1793 or at

Serving you, I remain

Rolando Vela
City Manager


Public Library – New Hours and Activities
We encourage you to drop by the Public Library and bring your children.

• It’s open from 9am to 6pm every day except for Saturday and Sundays.
• On Tuesdays and Thursday, the hours have been extended until 7pm.
• On Saturdays, it’s open from 10am to 1pm. We have arts & crafts at 10am and a movie at 10:30am.

We have the latest books for you to check it out, and we have a computer lab in the event you need to go online to do work or to do your homework.

Mayor Pro Tem Appointed
At June 11 regular meeting, the Town Council appointed Council Member Victor Worrell to serve as the Mayor Pro Tem.

CDC Board Meeting
At the June 17 regular meeting, the Community Development Corporation (CDC) Board approved $11,210 to replace the Basketball Court lights and $7,020 for fire station improvements.

Continuous Ambient Monitoring Station (CAMS)
At the June 11 regular meeting, the Town Council authorized Staff to make a formal request to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for a Continuous Ambient Monitoring Station (CAMS) top be set up to monitor pollutants that may be created as a result of the LNGs.

Town Seeks Volunteers
The Town is seeking volunteering for our upcoming Independence Day Parade and Celebration scheduled for July 6. Please contact 943-1793 if you are interested.

Summer Chess 2019
Ray Martinez known as “The Chess Tutor” will be offering a chess class on Thursday, June 27 from 4pm to 6pm at the Public Library. This is open to any person interested in learning to play chess or wants to become a better chess player. The cost is $15 per person. Chess sets will be available.

Town Seeks Firework Show Sponsors
The Town is seeking sponsors to help fund the firework show over the bay that will be held during the Independence Day Celebration on July 6. Four sponsorship levels have been created:
• $1,000 Stars and Stripes
• $500 Firecracker
• $300 Patriotic
• $100 Old Glory
The firework show is set for on the east side of the bay at 9:45 p.m. during the Town’s Independence Day Celebration at Roloff Park. The firework show is being sponsored by the community and local businesses.

People interested in sponsoring this fireworks show should contact the Town of Laguna Vista at 943-1793 or at

Independence Day Parade and Celebration
The Town is busy preparing for the upcoming Independence Day Parade and Celebration scheduled for Saturday, July 6 from 6pm to 10pm.

A. Independence Day Parade
The Independence Day Parade will start at 5:30pm at the Fire Station located on FM 510. Please make plans to participate in this Parade. Decorate your golf carts, vehicles, boat/trailers, bikes, etc. with red, white and blue. Dress up also in these patriotic colors. Please be at the Fire Station no later than 5pm.

B. Celebration – Music
Following this Parade, the Town will be having a celebration at Roloff Park from 6 to 10pm.
1. We will be having children’s activities and food.
2. Blankets & lawn chairs are welcome.
3. Fireworks Show starts at 9:45pm
4. The Hot Rodz will be performing. They play a variety of dancing music from Country to Spanish and Pop.

C. Alcoholic Beverages
The Town will be setting up a booth to sell beer and wine on the premises. You will not be permitted to bring your own alcoholic beverages to this event. Funds raised from the sale of alcoholic beverages will be used to offset event costs.

D. Vendors
If you or your organization or club are interested in setting up a booth at this event, please call 943-1793 to reserve your space.
1. If you will be preparing food to sell at this event, you will need to secure a health permit from the county health department. The Town does not issue these permits. The cost of this one-time permit is $25. The County issues these permits to non-profit organization free of charge.
2. The Town does not provide booths. In the event you need one, the Town can make arrangements to secure one for you. You, however, will need to pay the Town what it pays for the rental of the 10 x 10 booth.
3. If you don’t need a booth and would like to sell, the Town will allow you to do so if you bring your own tables, extension cords, etc.

The Town encourages a variety of foods, crafts, home-made goods.

Please call the Town at 943-1793 if you would like to be a vendor, to be a sponsor, or to simply get involved.

2019 June Sales Tax Receipts
The figures below are for the June sales tax receipts that are based on local sales activity that occurred in April.

As you will note below, we are starting the new fiscal year on a strong note with the highest sales receipts when compared to the last five years.

Net Payment This Period Comparable Payment Prior Year % Change 2019 Payments To Date 2018 Prior Year Payments To Date % Change
15,031 13,312 12.90% 96,136 87,616 9.72%

I’ve also taken the liberty of pasting a spreadsheet of the sales taxes the Town has received the past five fiscal years:

Month 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
Oct 15,462 13,394 14,126 13,110 13,544 10,262
Nov 18,032 15,627 15,667 15,499 15,342 14,762
Dec 12,663 11,152 13,020 11,553 12,821 11,662
Jan 10,870 `11,119 12,119 10,979 11,421 11,248
Feb 25,694 17,721 15,904 15,102 14,897 16,957
Mar 14,847 12,296 12,496 12,402 12,005 11,744
April 14,318 14,101 12,007 12,555 12,004 11,926
May 15,375 18,077 16,717 16,490 16,076 15,495
June 15,031 13,312 12,198 11,982 12,964 11,083
July 14,475 12,249 12,112 10,952 11,782
Aug 17,032 16,666 17,607 15,602 14,344
Sept 15,648 14,197 15,317 14,143 13,633
142,291 174,887 167,394 166,253 163,693 154,898

As you review this past activity, you will notice the steady increase in sales tax receipts every year.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Upcoming Meetings and/or Community Events
• Tuesday, June 23 at 6pm: Parks Board Meeting
• Saturday, July 6 at 5:30pm: Independence Day Parade
• Saturday, July 6 from 6pm to 10pm: Independence Day Celebration
• Tuesday, July 9 at 6pm: Regular Town Council Meeting
• Monday, July 15 at 6pm: Regular CDC Board Meeting